Study "Convenience in Europe: On-the-go consumption – motives, demands and needs of consumers"

This first study by the Competence Center for on-the-go Consumption lays the foundation for the further scientific work. Convenience was defined and the convenience consumer was placed under the magnifying glass.

Main findings:

  • The term “convenience” is broadly interpreted – for consumers, anything that makes life easier is convenience.
  • The study examines convenience (= quick and effortless purchasing and consumption) in relation to on-the-go consumption.
  • Convenience in on-the-go consumption has reached all areas of society and still contains untapped potential.
  • Living conditions, lifestyle and culture have a strong influence on whether consumers use convenience. In addition, the individual’s attitude to take-away food plays a role, as well as their desire for on-the-go consumption.
  • This study disproves many prejudices and seemingly established insights relating to convenience and on-the-go consumption.